3 things welcome burglars to your home

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Burglars are clever to know which homes are ‘safe’ to attack. They always keep an eye on the different houses in the neighborhood. Here are three things that help them decide whether to enter a particular home or not.

Homes that are empty

Burglars always prefer empty homes. They can easily break into the home, get whatever they can and leave the home quickly without anyone noticing them. Things like overgrown bushes, lights either on or off all the time, newspapers lying on the driveway, etc. are indicators that no one is at home. This is the perfect chance for a burglar to get into your house.

Hiding places

If there are hiding places near your house where the burglar can hide, then it is easier to steal and run away without the neighbors finding out about it. Large bushes on the lawn and absence of outdoor lighting make it easy for the burglar to run away.

Easy entry points

If your door is unlocked or has a poor lock system, then the burglar can enter your home easily. Even if you leave your windows slightly opened, it will lead the burglars in. An unlocked garage door or back gate are also easy entry points.

Burglars study the neighborhood properly before attacking a particular home. They even keep track of your schedule, for example, when you get into the house and when you are outside. You must buy good locks for your doors and windows. You can install security alarms as well in your home to keep yourself safe from the burglars.