5 tips for a more secure front door

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If you have a secured front door, then your home will be safe from burglary. Here are some tips to make your front door more secure.

Buy a solid core door


These doors are harder to break or kick in. If you are not sure what type of door you have, try knocking at your door. If it’s a solid door, it will sound as if it’s dead. But if it’s a hollow door, it will echo. For improving the security of your door, you must replace a hollow door with a solid one, which includes metal, solid wood, fiberglass, etc.

Install a good lock


You should get a deadbolt lock for your front door. You should make sure that the door’s deadbolt extends inside the door jamb opening. You must be careful that no screws are exposed. You can install deadlock that doesn’t have a keyhole from outside. You can only open it from the inside.

Check your present door lock

You should make the door lock stronger by using cylinder guards around the lock. You can add solid strike plates that will be difficult to remove. The screws of the strike plates should be long enough so that it can reach the studs that are on the door frame. This will protect the door even when someone tries to break in.

Get wide-angle peepholes

You should install a peephole so that you don’t open the door to a stranger. These wide-angle peepholes will let you get a wider view of the outside, so you will know whether the person who knocked has companions or not.

Get lights for your outdoor


You should have a porch light near your front door. A criminal may move away seeing the light. You can also install a motion detector to be more cautious.

These tips will help you to be safe at home or even when you are away from home. Many homes now have home automation system which lets entry to the house using electronic passwords. However, if you cannot afford the system right now, you can rely on the advice just provided for making your front door more secured.